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Velvac does not collect personally-identifiable information on our web site or otherwise unless you choose to give it to us via an electronic mail message, SSL-protected Web communication, a phone call or postal mail. Even when you choose to give us information, we keep it strictly confidential.

We do not sell, rent, share or otherwise disclose mailing lists or other personally-identifiable information. We maintain some records of individuals who contact us in case we contact you later or provide further information to you in the future. However, we do not provide this information to anyone else unless you give us your permission. We do not share customer names or other identifying information unless you specifically authorize us to do so.

How secure is Velvac for on-line transactions? Velvac transactions are conducted on a server secured with a VeriSign Certificate, assuring the highest level of trust and security available. VeriSign Secure Server IDs work in conjunction with the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a technology developed by Netscape and adopted by all vendors producing related Web software. It negotiates and employs the essential functions of mutual authentication, data encryption, and data integrity for secure transactions. The 128-bit SSL encryption is based on the "public/private key" encryption model - the same technology used to protect nuclear missile codes. It provides the strongest security available today, and has never been broken. According to RSA Labs, it would take a trillion-trillion years to crack using today's technology. To learn more about SSL, follow this link: RSA Labs FAQ - What is SSL?